Pet Education

At Tates Creek Animal Hospital, we know that informed clients make better caregivers for their pets. That’s why our doctors and technicians take the time needed to ensure that you understand what vaccines, tests, or treatments your animal requires, and how best to care for your pet once you’re back at home.

All of our interventions are done with the sole aim of keeping your dog or cat alive, healthy, and happy for as long as possible. We understand that the health of your pet is your primary concern and endeavor to make our pricing structure transparent and clear. To avoid confusion, we’ve devoted a full section of our website to our fee structure. We hope this will help you better prepare for your visit. In the clinical setting, all our interventions are customized to the health needs of your pet; however, this information offers a broad overview we hope you find useful.

If you have specific questions for our doctors or veterinary technicians, you may contact us by phone at [859]-273-1933 or email us today